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Claim Your Inner Writer

I remember saying, “I write poetry.” It would take decades later that I would say out loud, “I am a poet.” Imagine that writing poetry would keep you alive, but you didn’t feel the right to claim the identity, “I am a poet.” YOU define who you are. If you bleed words, breathe letters, and spit a cadence that your heart beats to, then you are a poet. Claim it! Be the you that you imagined as a child.

This may sound radical but, spend your free time doing what you want. Not as a hobby but as the artist you want to be. Not for recognition or validation, but to speak in your own internal language. Ditch TV or reduce it, unless you want to write TV scripts, then study your craft. Write, and when you do? You are a writer. It is that simple. Visit my Facebook page, Kelliane Parker Poetry for writing prompts and chances to meet other writers and those who aspire to be.

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